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Hitec Aurora 9 all LINKS

Hitec Aurora 9 Homepage

2011 Full Catalogue - (High Res 33.5 MB) - 2.4GHz and Telemetry detail
2011 Full Catalogue - (Low Res 12.4 MB) - 2.4GHz and Telemetry detail

AFHSS in operation - Hitec Spectra 2.4 GHz and Optima Transceiver (RX)- Video #1 = Normal Mode, Video #2 = Scan Mode.
AFHSS in operation - Hitec Spectra 2.4 GHz and Optima Transceiver (RX) -Video #3 (Answers queries received ex Videos 1 & 2., see also post #2933 page 296}
Aurora 9ch - Video - 7 Video Walkthrough of Set Ups - Dashboard, Heli, Glider, Acro etc.
Aurora 9ch - Video - Basic Set Up - new 17Aug10 36mb 7min8sec.
Aurora 9ch - Video - Helicopter Set Up - Finless Bob's Review, Tips and how To - Series - Final 3 " Switched Inverted" of the 35 added 23Jan11.

Aurora 9 - Radio System Review RC Groups - By Mike Llewellyn - with Video of Screens and Custom Folder setup
Aurora 9 - Radio System Review Fly RC Product - by Scott Stoops with Bob Aberle & Thayer Syme
Aurora 9 - Radio System Includes - Stylus, Screen cleaner, Flight Preserver, Battery Holder/Switch for ID Setup & BODA Holder - see pictures.
Aurora 9 - Transmitter Case - Aluminium. (or use for other Hitec transmitters). #553445
Aurora 9 - Transmitter Tray

Aurora 9 - Latency a Non Issue 7yr old Justin Jee - XFC 2010 RC Heli Competition Flight & comment - videos
Aurora 9 - Latency a Non Issue Joe Manor's Dynamic60 doing 333 mph! New World 60" DS Record - Video
Aurora 9 - Latency and Expo Demo - Brandon Chitty's 35% Extra set up for giant scale. Video.
Aurora 9 - Latency - Speed Test. Test your own speed and disprove marketing hype.

Aurora 9 2.4GHz & 72 mHz Manual (8MB .pdf) Two page view, search not included. (Manual written V1.03, new pages/addendums below) (.pdf, right click & "save target as")
Aurora 9 2.4GHz & 72 mHz Manual (13.01MB .pdf) Single page & searchable. (Manual written V1.03, new pages/addendums below) (.pdf, right click & "save target as")
Aurora 9 2.4GHz & 72 mHz Manual - Firmware Update V1.06 - 1 new Page for Manual. (Includes Butterfly / Crow Set Up) (171kb .pdf, right click & "save target as")
Aurora 9 2.4GHz & 72 mHz Manual - Firmware Update V1.07 - 2 new Pages for Manual. (386kb .pdf, right click & "save target as")
Aurora 9 2.4GHz & 72 mHz Manual - Firmware Update V1.08 - 7 new Pages for Manual. (1.23mb .pdf, right click & "save target as")
Aurora 9 - Transmitter On First - Off Last prevent failsafe and other errors.

Hitec Optima 6, 7 & 9ch Receiver Manual (816kb .pdf, right click & "save target as")
Hitec Spectra 2.4GHz Module Manual & Optima Failsafe Settings

Aurora 9 - Module Pinouts and Compability Hitec Spectra, standard and other brand modules are not compatible. Details and pictures.
Aurora 9 - Balance with Neck Strap "#55843 Transmitter Weight Balancer". Provides best Neck Strap Balance position for Hitec 2.4Ghz Transmitters
Aurora 9 - Cross Trims or Re-Assign Thr<>Elev Trims
Aurora 9 - Simulator function Set-up
Aurora 9 - Trainer - Buddy system Master & Slave function Set-up & Data Transfer Aurora 9<>Aurora 9.
Aurora 9 - Trainer - Selective all 9Ch Pass-Through & RSSI Information On wish list. If and When implementation is confirmed will be promptly advised.
Aurora 9 - Transfer Model Memory from Eclipse 7, Optic 6, Flash 4&5 and others
Aurora 9 - Transmitter Mode & Stick Tension Change. + Stick Tip knobs & extensions.

Aurora 9 - Battery is not charged. Charge before first use so as not to damage battery. Battery is 1300 mAh_charge rate is 80 mAh (to minimise damage if left on to long at any time) = 19-20 hours for first full charge - please read the further details.
Aurora 9 - Battery Installed ex Factory is part #54128 "TX NiMH battery (6 cell) Pack (Flat Type) for AUR (RA9) 7.2v / 1300 MAh"(not an Eneloop 2000)......Includes notes on Battery Compartment Size, Alternate Batteries and 2S Lipo Capabilities for Aurora & Optima RX.
Aurora 9 - Lipo User Adjustable Voltage sets Shut Down = TURNS TX OFF to save damage to Lipo Battery and/or TX
(Audible Battery Warning is still at 6.9V with Lipo which provides say 10-20 min before shutdown.)
Aurora 9 - Warning Alarms Battery types, voltage levels and consumption. CAUTION - Leave Auto Hibernation (was Auto Power Off prior to V1.06) as "Never" when using Lipo Battery. During "Auto Hibernation" (as with laptops) TX Does Not Switch everything Off and batteries will be completely drained if TX switch is not manually moved to the off position in good time. Remove battery and store separately if TX is to be unused for a period.
Aurora 9 - RX Voltage on Screen SPC voltage has preference over BEC voltage if using tap.
Aurora 9 - 110/230 Vac charger Charge Plug/adaptor sizes. [Red LED does not change to Green simply dims out but charge continues same rate].
Aurora 9 - Diode in TX Charge Circuit Never Jump TX Charge Circuit Diode - Hitec FAQ.
Aurora 9 - Lipo & Field Charging. includes Fast Charge Aurora, Eclipse 7, Flash 4&5, Laser, Optic 6, Prism 7 etc.

Aurora 9 - Off/On Switch problem? TX Auto Saves (flash) Each Session's Programming and Trim Settings etc on Shutdown. Allow time to complete task before switching on again.
Aurora 9 - EPA & T.Limit (added V1.08) - Difference. Mixes can overthrow EPA% setting. Travel Limit is a hard stop point so mixes can not overthrow % set in T.Limit and bind up a servo.
Aurora 9 - On Screen "C" <> "S" & "T.App ". "C" is combined so if you want the same setting in different flight condition use it... "S" is for single so as to make the setting unique to the condition. T.App is Trim Apply - activate this if trims are to be the same in all conditions. NB activate at start not part way/end of program or other conditions will be out of sync. - Set Up Conditions incl. Video
Aurora 9 - OST & ACC - OST = Offset Curve Feature - manual page 78. ACC = Acceleration (for asymmetrical servo speed travel - manual page 80)
Aurora 9 - Programming Problem? - Parameters must be set in correct order e.g. V_tail.
Aurora 9 - Resolution In depth explanation.
Aurora 9 - Screen Polarised Filter. View at angle when using Polaroid type sunglasses in bright sunlight .
Aurora 9 - Screen Protector - Remove or Not and alternate replacements.
Aurora 9 - Screen Sensitivity - Pressure switches, not capacative, use either Stylus provided or very tip of finger for best results.
Aurora 9 - Screen Touchlock - Included upgrade from V1.05 to V1.06
Aurora 9 - Servos - Speed Adjustment, Control Movement Monitor & Servo Auto Test.
Aurora 9 - Servos - Use Any Modern Servo with 1.5ms Neutral Position.
Aurora 9 - Slider DIY Centre Detente (Notch) Slider for (Aurora pre Mar10). Center/Beep out of synch with Detent Aurora post Mar2010.
Aurora 9 - Switches Re-assign/Swap Switches and or Functions "F" & "H" - DIY notes.
Aurora 9 - Switch Replace with Push Buttons pictorial.
Aurora 9 - Timer x 3 Set and Beeps. Count Down/Up Set On/Off % of Throttle Stick Movement and reset method for V1.04

Aurora 9 - Heli FlyBarLess Throttle - negate possible mid range jump.
Aurora 9 - Heli Swash (Cyclic) Ring refer post #11 "Travel limit" or "Ultimate EPA's".
Aurora 9 - Gyro Set-up - How to interpret numbers & modes on screen.
Aurora 9 - Gyro setup Different Procedure to JR/Spektrum. see also following post #340.
Aurora 9 - Gyro GY-401 Heading Hold etc set up 450 Heli.
Aurora 9 - Gyro GY-520 and others - set up
Aurora 9 - Gyro Align 750 set up 450 Heli.
Aurora 9 - Heli EP Ensure ICE ESC/BEC has been updated Or Use Switchmode Regulator.
Aurora 9 - Heli EP Manual set ICE ESC for Throttle - Do Not auto set.

Aurora 9 - Flight Conditions - Explanation, Use and order of Priority - Video x 3.
Aurora 9 - Butterfly - Crow Set Up - procedure updated V1.06.
Aurora 9 - Butterfly - Crow Switch/Slider assignment - includes V1.05 and V1.06 downloadable files.
Aurora 9 - Delta Wing - set up EPA, D/R & EXP w/photos
Aurora 9 - DLG Set up guide with many screen shots for setting Camber, P.Mixes, Flap Control etc ***
Aurora 9 - Dual Elevator (Ailevator ) - Set Up.
Aurora 9 - Dual Rates, Ailevator, Cambermix uses and assignments, see also Posts 226 & 248.
Aurora 9 - Elevon - Set up.
Aurora 9 - Flapperon - Flaps - Set up.
Aurora 9 - Flap (Landing) Mix see also sailplane below
Aurora 9 - Flaps - Snap.
Aurora 9 - Four Aileron Bipe - Set Up independent Aileron Servos.
Aurora 9 - Knife edge - setup , refer posts #2355 & #2357.
Aurora 9 - P-Mix Tips: 6,7,8 use 7 point curves where 1-5 are linear.
Aurora 9 - Rudder-Elevator PMix In Flight Trimming
Aurora 9 - Sailplane - Fullhouse Glider - Electric Power Setup (inc motor_flaps on/off at low throttle) many screen shots.
Aurora 9 - Sailplane_Glider Flap Mixing - assign flap channel to a 3 position switch First (refer posts 208,209 & 210).
Aurora 9 - Retract Servo Slow - Video of Heli Tri gear set up. (NB use analogue or digital servo as retract servos are 180* On/Off only and cannot be slowed)post #5121. - Retract Curves post #5706.
Aurora 9 - Retracts and Flaps Set up with Various Flight Conditions - posts #2052 & #2054.
Aurora 9 - Test Mode - is inhibited if Throttle Lock On.
Aurora 9 - Throttle Lock (Hold) & Transmit Yes-No Features & Use. - How to use Icon and/or Switch method (operates when in transmit mode only)
Aurora 9 - Throttle Cut & Idle Down Set-Up
Aurora 9 - Throttle Curve & Throttle Expo Set-Up. [NB: Hitec TX use Minus (-) Expo wherever JR/Spektrum use Plus (+) Expo]
Aurora 9 - Throttle Control - Glow Driver &/or Ignition On/Off post #2239
Aurora 9 - Throttle Control - V1.08 Opti-kill _ Sparkswitch - Duralite & Powerbox system settings.
Aurora 9 - Throttle>Smoke. a) - Video PMix Tutorial (text version post #2104)
Aurora 9 - Throttle>Smoke. b) with own 7-point curve. Assigned a two position switch with identical curve on throttle-1 & zeroed out the curve on throttle-2 one position to turn the pump off. posts #1698 & #1699
Aurora 9 - Trim Certain Mixes In-flight - Cross trim, re-assign trims or mix trims.
Aurora 9 - Trim Step Adjustable 1-200 with 12 default (Approx.0.025deg ~ 5deg / Step) - Effect.
Aurora 9 - Trim Twin EP Motors (synchronise multi motors)
Aurora 9 - Variable Pitch Prop Set Up - VPP for Foamies using Heli mode. (Brandon Chitty - Video).

Aurora 9 - Giant Scale set up Brandon Chitty's 42% Aeroworks Yak - Video presentation of set up.
Aurora 9 - BoneDoc's 3D Clinic #20 - VIDEO - Snap to Hover (5 min 36 sec) + J.Yee & Basic set up videos

AFHSS - ID_Setup (also known as Binding or Linking) & Range Test Procedure Aurora 9, Spectra 2.4Ghz Module <> Optima Receiver.
AFHSS - Normal & Scan Modes Explained includes Redundant (Dual) Receivers.
AFHSS - How To Select Optimum Channels - For Your Field
AFHSS - Aurora 9, Spectra 2.4Ghz Module & Optima Transceiver - Fail-Safe Settings
AFHSS - Power Down - Range Check Procedure for Normal Mode & Scan Mode at 1mw- tested to at least 1/4 mile.
AFHSS - Warning Beeps Aurora 9 & Spectra 2.4Ghz.

AFHSS - Multiplex Evo 2.4 conversion - DIY

LED Status Card - What the colours/combinations are indicating.
. Digital .pdf copy which can be printed and inserted as a page in manual or extra cards made.

Hitec HPP-22 2.4GHz Programmer - Manual, FAQ - How to install & Use Instructions (with screenshots).
Hitec Programmers - Download Software for HPP-21 & HPP-21+ for Digital Servos.
Hitec Programmers - Download Station for HPP-22 - Enables update to Aurora 9, Optic Sport, Spectra 2.4Ghz Modules and Optima Transceivers.
HFP-20, HPP-21 & HPP-21+ - Manuals.

Aurora 9 - Firmware Update V1.06 Details.
Aurora 9 - Firmware Update V1.07(1) & (2), Spectra V2.0 & HPP-22 V1.04 - 01Oct10. (inc PDF update enhancements, inc set failsafe via HPP-22 & how uninstall V1.03 before new install.)
Aurora 9 - Firmware Update V1.08 Manual.....Screen shots of the new displays plus additonal information.
Optima 7 & 9 - Firmware update V1.02 - 23Jun10, Update is for HTS-SS receptor system only, otherwise not required as it does not impact other functions & resolution if update issue.

Aurora 9 - Software Wish List Thread
Aurora 9 - Model Set Up & Templates Program Templates. (If you have an HPP-22, download these files and transfer them into your Aurora. Save and share your own set ups. This way you could have more than one set of eyes look at your set up and possibly come up with other solutions).
Aurora 9 - Programing Spreadsheet - Put all your model settings into a printable spreadsheet.

Optima Receivers - Light Weight Minima 6E, 6T Receivers & new Optima_6 LITE Transceiver
- also Caseless Weights for 6 & 7ch Optima Transceivers.

Optima Transceiver (RX) - Conversion for Indoor and Park-Flyers and Alternate Lightweight 2.4GHz Antenna.
Hitec "Factory Pilot" Brandon Chitty uses the Optima 7 in his indoor competition Fancy Foam Maxima that weighs 8oz, as well as his 170CC DA powered 42% Aeroworks Yak.

Optima Transceiver (RX) - Installation RX & BODA Antenna FAQ, Volts & Range Test Results. {Regularily Updated with Q&A}
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Independent Comprehensive Range Test "The Hitec system worked as well as any I have tested and better than most. It performed better than the Futaba FASST, the Airtronics, the XPS and the JR low end receivers. It performed at least as good as my reference receiver, the JR AR7000."
Carbon Fiber Fuse... Report - from well known Glider Pilot and Fly RC author Mike Lee
Carbon Fibre Fuse...Report - High Speed DS
Optima Transceiver (RX) - BODA Antenna explained - as good, arguably better than a two antenna system.
BODA Antenna Tip Wire (DIY Security for receivers manufactured pre Apr10.) & Spare BODA Holders #58474.

Optima Transceiver (RX) - Low Battery Warning settings for both Aurora & Spectra 2.4Ghz module. Adjustable LBW Voltage Alerts V1.07 up (not available V1.04<06).
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Basic Telemetry Includes Battery Voltage Level but not "Range Out warning".
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Battery set up for Nitro/Gas models #1 - caution re NiMH & Alert re LiFE.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Battery set up for Nitro/Gas models #2 - caution re NiMH.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Dual or Multiple Batteries may be installed for redundancy, even one for each servo.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Dual Redundant receivers - The first turned on after the Transmitter will be the recognised telemetry sender.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - PowerExpander Connections
Optima Transceiver (RX) - SPC - SPC connection & Lead Detailed plus Optima Current Draw/Amps - NB: View warning Video re use of balance taps.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Voltage Input Limits.

Optima Transceiver (RX) - Servo Move Slower Than Usual -Rebind. Switched between Normal <> Scan mode with power off before process completed.
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Servo Wag When RX Turned On Reason & Prevention of Servo Wag (especially when switching on some ESC) .
Optima Transceiver (RX) - Servos Stepping - Battery pack (power supply) failing under load.

Spectra 2.4GHz and Optima RX - FCC Approval Specifications and Test Results.
Spectra 2.4GHz Antenna Mast Fitting 2.4Ghz mast to other than Aurora TX as well as DIY Remote mounts for single or multiple (Std & 2.4)antenna to other TX.
Spectra 2.4GHz Antenna - Hide coaxial cable inside TX. This if not intending to ever use 72Mhz or other modules.
Spectra 2.4GHz - original Prism 7 not 7X requires minor fix.
Spectra 2.4J Module - Telemetry Module for JR Transmitters. NB: 3 different types = Universal, Japan & France - update Nov10.
Spectra 2.4GHz Module - Spektrum DSM, DSM2 & DSMX Compatible - Unlikely to become available in foreseeable future.
Spectra 2.4GHz module - Spektrum DIY with DM8 for MZ and DC/DC converter. NB: Read in conjunction with post #55
Spectra Pro 72MHz PPM/QPCM Module - Manual - & Pictures - ETA stores end April 2011.)
Spectra Pro 35Mhz, 36Mhz, 40Mhz & 41Mhz PPM/QPCM Modules. . (see also post 11621)
Spectra 2.4GHz DSSS Module #28724 - not for use with Optima RX / aircraft
Spectra 2.4GHz DSSS Module and Atom 3 RX Manual - for Surface use only.

Telemetry - Instruction Sheets & User Guide with pictures plus Enhancements Under Development.
Telemetry - Battery Voltage via SPC and/or HTS-SS Blue for EP Models
Telemetry - Flying Range
Telemetry - HTS-Voice Telemetry Voice Announcing System Due Jun/Jul' 11
Telemetry - HTS-Navi AFHSS 2.4GHz Wireless USB Telemetry Receiver Due Mar' 11
Telemetry - Range test Using Segway & GPS - Video - Remarkable 2100+ft not only through large obstacles but also with Heli sitting in ground effect.
Telemetry - Full installation in Skylink 50cc - Static & Flying Demo - Video( 6 min 29 sec)
Telemetry - Screens & Displays
Telemetry - Screens & Displays - Video
Telemetry - HPP-22 Screen as viewed live on PC/Laptop. - Video
Telemetry - Download Demo 2D Graphic Flight displays of an actual flight. NB: GPS updates every .5 sec and will be fairly accurate for level flight but not dive speed since it is using ground coordinates for the calculation.
Telemetry - Compatibility & Open Source - status
Telemetry System - Spectra 2.4Ghz installed Alternate TX Connections.

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